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ACA models, established in 1990 by Alison Clarke is the longest standing and most successful modelling agency in Northern Ireland. Now owned and ran by Victoria Withers who worked under Alison for 7 years she continues to scout, nurture, and cultivate home grown talent. Her passion is to create a diverse roster to work across the fashion and commercial industries in the Island of Ireland and beyond. 

We also provide staff for various product launches, samplings, PR pictures, tastings and provide a secret shopper service. Our staff are trained to deliver a premium service for our clients and we continue to strive build the best team.

Our female led team offer a full range of production services including, staging, lighting, POA systems, presenters, stylists, photographers and much more. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure their vision of a photoshoot /fashion show or event will come to life.

In 2020 ACA set up 4 new categories:

                   1. Creatives – hair stylists, make up artists, stylist’s and                               photographers

                   2. Influencers – brand collaborations and digital content                               creators to build authentic brand relationships with long-                         lasting connections

                  3. Mother Agent – placing models internationally


                  4. E-Comm Packages - providing social savvy models to                                capture your brands products for online marketing such                          as website and social media.

It excites us that this industry is ever changing, and the agency will continue to grow so we can offer the best opportunities for our models, creatives and influencers.

Owner of ACA Models
Victoria Withers

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